Yoshi's Adventure (also called yoshi's island HD in some regions but not japan or usa) is a hozen video game that was developed exclusively for Wii U. originally, it was going to be T-RATED croc 3: the return of Gobbos or whatever but instead, it was gex the gecko 4 then yoshi game (it was toned down to E-rated).  it was also published by nintendo.

of course, it's based off of era's adventure on android except it's on Wii U (and 2 unreleased ports)


  • This is one of the only E-rated games made by HOZEN (as they're known for more violent games)
    • This is only Mario/Yoshi Game that is made by Hozen, inc. as they make pokemon games mostly. 
  • there is an port for pc game or android  by dogkid's video game company but it was never released due to nintendo's aggressive copyright trademark over Era's adventure (which this game is based on) unless nintendo actually did lied to people and it going third-party software.

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