When FlashBolt The Helioptile meets Tyranitar is an Tv-PG-rated special episode that is NOT in any Flashbolt canons, but rather an different pokemon canons. 
Fake Episode


This Episode is not known by much people in public except for the fake screenshot of it: When Flashbolt walked off into the forest as a wild talking pokemon but only to be found the tyranitar who blocked his way into Adventuring. Tyranitar thinks This Area is for Marcus and Des and Their Club Penguin wiki friends ONLY. but in reality, This Area is for Everyone whatever they have no penalty for whatever, The Blocking Area by Tyranitar forcing Flashbolt to fight him. so, Flashbolt uses TameShark to Give infinite attacks and Health Bars for himself: 999% PP & 999% HP, flashbolt uses unlimited electric moves Called "Lightning BoltBlade" on Tyranitar, Thus defeating Tyranitar and He Ran off. Flashbolt won and Continues off for his Revenge Adventuring on Marcus & Des.


  • This is First appearance of  GameShark in a Pokemon Canon but Instead Simply Referred as TameShark Rather Than Actual GameShark Product because of a Copyright Infringement... Between Nintendo and Gameshark product, Flashbolt has it through.
  • This is NOT canon to Other Pokemon Canons because it is a short/Pilot of what should been picked up by Cartoon Network Show.

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