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"My name insults me" -Walrus the Mudwing

Walrus the Mudwing


Romance interest
None, but Peru likes him
Dusty brown
Ocean Blue
The battle master in Dragonets of Apathy

Walrus is a male Mudwing and the battle master in the Dragonets of Apathy. He doesn't care about the war. His attention towards the war is as much as the Rainwings'. His mother gave his egg away to the Skywings, where he was later raised by Skywings. He was wondering around the Skywing kingdom one day, to see an Icewing escaping from the prison. He wanted to impress the Skywings- which most likely didn't care about him, as they bought him just to get rid of some scraps- so he followed it. hoping to catch it and bring it back to the prison. He found himself in the Ice kingdom, where he was named Walrus by an Icewing he befriended. Her name was Frost.


He is a cranky, loyal, and sometimes thin-skinned. He ignores Peru's obvious crush on him most of the time.

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