• Dogkid1 and I have noticed many stubs and even completely empty pages cropping up on the wiki, and, because they'd know what information is needed and not needed, etc., we would like the creators of those pages to fix these problems themselves. If not, by the end of May I will be going around fixing them myself, deleting information don't think is needed and rearanging things. Which may or may not be to your liking. I will go and delete things I believe are pointless, also. We want to keep the wiki clean, and fun to explore, which means every page should have interesting, easy to read information. If you are busy, I will understand, however, of course. Just shoot me a quick message. :)

    Keep in mind the list of things that need to be fixed are:

    -Empty pages

    -Stubs (pages with not enough information, such as only one sentence)

    -Grammatical Errors (capitalization, correct word usage, non-repetitive noun usage)

    -Information in the wrong places (such as too many details in the infobox that should be placed outside)

    -Organization (the basics such as infobox to the right, basic info to the top left, gallery at the bottem, etc.)

    Infobox templates on some pages also need to be upgraded to infobox 2 (in the "add other templates" section.) Infobox 2s' are those with a white background. Regular Infoboxes are those that are clear, and say "first, second, third," etc. rather than a title for the row.

    Stubs can be found here.

    Articles that need to be grammatically corrected, cleaned-up or organized are marked with this template.

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