Thrasheart Cute
Some attributes
First Appearance- Sleek brown fur with white patches on her stomach, paws, ears, tail, chest, and muzzle. She also has big, brown eyes.
Second Clan- Riverclan
Third Occupation: Warrior, EFF agent in training
Other attributes
Fourth Skill(s): Swimming, Attack, Climbing
Fifth Romance interest- Suntail
Sixth Age: 14 moons

About Her

Thrasheart is a very loyal clan cat, but rather vicious during battle. She leaves all the enemies wounded badly, because of her killer claws. She gets angry easily, and kind of bad-tempered  after a fight. Other than that she follows the warrior code and is a great warrior. Her mentor is Shadepelt. Thrash is currently training to be in the EFF, with her good friend Dogkid.


Thrash's main friend is Silverspot. She is kin with Gingerstreak and Applepaw, and tends to hang out more with them than anyone else. She has a big but very secret crush on Suntail, a blonde tabby tom. She has a sorta frienemy relationship with Crystalheart, a pretty- prettier- she- cat that also has a big, obvious crush on Suntail. The only cats she's told are her sisters. Thrasheart is the daughter of Skyflower, a Riverclan queen. Her clan honors her for her courage and loyalty.


Such a great mentor! Bossy sometimes too. ~ Applepaw

Needs to lighten up. Sometimes she can me such a downer... and a meanie-bo-beanie! ~ Gingerstreak

HA! Killer claws? I got WAAAY more killer claws that SHE does! *bragbragbrag* ~ Suntail


(She belongs to Medelina)

(Special thanks to runtyiscute1999 on deviantART of making the flash game so I could create the Thrasheart image)

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