Thomas R. Coburn

Anything fan

Favorite TV shows
Flashbolt's adventures, South park, Family guy, The Simpsons, Spongebob
Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman, flashbolt and his friends, Peter Griffin,(pokemon) Latias, Latios
Club Penguin wiki and Pixie's secret agency wiki, Digimon, Flashbolt & his Friends, Techman129, MISSINGNO., Bronies, Mr. Krabs
Cameo appearances
Tv Show: Pokemon, Dragon ball, Flashbolt's adventures, Video games: Sonic The Hedgehog Reborn, South park: the stick of truth
Major Video Game Roles
Pokemon vs. Digimon, Missingno's revenge, Grand Theft Pokemon 2014, Pokemon Vs. Digimon 2

Thomas R. Coburn is a Garchomp that likes anything from other dimensions: such as "STOP TOUCHING ME! Elmo" and some monster horn product, and what appear to be a parody of mixture between meowth and treecko. and a product not from south park: Substitute Plush.

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