This show is mainly about a male kirlia, but he's never referred as, but the helioptile is Flashbolt.


Most Episodes are Either TV-PG or Tv-14 in Exception of one episode where MLP-Pokemon crossover are RATED TV-MA Due to the fact that Kirlia and Flashbolt met Lyra and Bon Bon/Sweetie Drops but this episode was BANNED in Japan for alleged Sexual Content (The Real Reason was Too Violent For kids)

 Episode 1

This Cartoon Network Pilot Episode was only aired in United states once before The Cartoonsitute was cancelled, TV Rating: TV-PG temporary until It was made public to be in [Adult Swim] thus Making It an Few cartoon network episodes to appear in [Adult Swim] Due to Questionable content. This Episode was aired in Japan and America in October 12th 2013 

Cartoon Network Version Description: Kirlia and Flashbolt joins The Band that was Referred simply as The Pokémon Band by Everyone, so Flashbolt Angrily made The band Scared of Flashbolt, But How will Kirlia Stop The Conflict between Flashbolt and  The Band? Find out in Fall 2013!

[Adult Swim Version] Description: Flashbolt joined the Pokémon Band, this made Kirlia Depressed and sad at same time, But How will Kirlia get to join the Pokémon Band? Find out in Fall 2013!

Episode 2

This is the ACTUAL first episode of This show after the pilot got rejected by Cartoon Network Despite it's Rated TV-PG Rating. Therefore, This show is a Adults Show that originally made for Cartoon Network as a TV-PG Show Next to Adventure Time and Regular Show but due to Questionable Relationship between Flashbolt and Kirlia, The Show itself got turned into a adults-only show that was Rated TV-14 Except for One Episode where it was Rated TV-MA. 

[Adult Swim] Description: After Flashbolt got drunk from The Bar (Also Known as The PUB in Pokemon world) This Angers kirlia, Kirlia Tries to snap Flashbolt out of the control from The Bar. it worked well. Flashbolt accidentally got turned Into the Pokerus-infected Helioptile that couldn't talk.


Kirlia and Flashbolt tv show

Episode 3

TBA but it is only My Little pony-Pokemon Crossover to be rated TV-MA due to Inappropriate content.

TV-RATING: TV-MA (Due to Questionable content) Only in First Airings. but later was rated TV-14  in Second Airings.

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