Taco with a mustache

A taco with a mustache.

The taco is an interesting creature. It is more intelligent than human. More strong than an ironwood tree. And yet, it is at the bottom of the food chain.

The Evolution Of The Taco

The taco started out as a piece of bread from Mexico. Then, a man named Tac added meat and lettuce in the middle, folded it in half, and named the new food the Taco. The Taco's bread soon began to become stale, so Tac made a new taco, just that the bread was hard. These two variations of tacos became the taco we all know and love today.

The Daily Habits Of a Taco

Tacos live a simple life. They consume small bits of air, like food. They don't do much. They're at the bottom of the food chain due to their habits. They mostly just consume air. Some wear facial features, or have accesories.

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