"I know this is not the path you would choose for me, but I have to walk my own path...and do what I know is right."

Spyro render by arcania

Spyro in skylanders

Classic spyro

Spyros egg by Spyro Girl62

Flash (foster father)
Nina (foster mother)
Sparx (foster brother)
Cynder (wife)
Turi (son)
Romance Interest

Spyro is one of the main characters of EFF Agents. He takes on the role as being an assistant director, the other being Blu.

Fanon (By Dogkid1)

After the chaos in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, Spyro married Cynder. They have their own son, named Turi. He attended Dragon school and met Rainy, whom he befriended. While Dogkid was resting in the Valley of Avalar after searching for new recruits in her NightWing form, Cynder approached her. They talked for a bit and flew around, before Dogkid mentioned she was a shapeshifter and was looking for new recruits for her agency, the EFF. Cynder introduced her to her husband and dragonet. Spyro took great interest in saving multiple worlds after saving his own, so he, Cynder, Turi, and Rainy joined the agency.


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