"Always hungry after a show, eh Soarin'?"

Spitfire Vector by Issyrael

Spitfire praise by dusk2k-daaytr3

Chill (daughter)
Flyin' (son)
Soarin' (Husband)
Captain of The Wonderbolts

Spitfire is one of several Pegasus in the aerial acrobatics group, The Wonderbolts, more specifically their captain. She is the wife of Soarin'.

Fanon (By Dogkid)

Spitfire and Soarin' have been good friends ever since becoming Wonderbolts. They got along well, even though the public may not see it much. Spitfire grew jealous when she realized Rainbow Dash had a crush on Soarin', and got along with him too. However, she tried not to show her jealousy, trying to push her feelings aside.

Rainbow Dash admitted her feelings for Soarin' before Spitfire could, and they started dating. They dated for a while before they both agreed things weren't working out. It took a while after that for Soarin' to realize that he had loved Spitfire since the beginning. Spitfire was glad he had finally come to. Soarin' and Spitfire started dating for 3 years before getting married. They have 2 kids named Chill and Flyin'.

My Little Pony: Butterfly Koi and Flower Horns

Spitfire appears in the Shredder's prologue and serves as the main narrator of events while spying on the dictator.


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