Sojuno (so-HOON-oh) Desert is on the continent of Scale. It doesn't get much rain, and is always hot even in the winter. Many reptiles are known to live here. It is rumoured Konga's base is here.

EFF post

There is an EFF post here, being relatively small compared to the other ones at different locations. Knuckles the Echidna was initially the only one residing and working at it, until the rise of Thorn. Dogkid insisted at least one other agent was with him at the post as a safety precaution if things were to go south. Flashbolt volunteered for this position, and Knuckles was at first annoyed by his presence and often found every chance to get away from him. However, he soon grew used to him and opened up.

Knuckles is often accompanied by Applejack at the post, as it got pretty lonely before Flashbolt was admitted. She still visits the post often, but is often busy in her duties with the EFF council.

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