"I'll take that big apple pie!"

Happy soarin by baumkuchenpony-d4rdpy0

Soarin royal wedding vector by starshinecelestalis-d4w33lo

Spitfire (wife)
Flyin' (Son)
Chill (Daughter)
Member of The Wonderbolts

Soarin is one of the male members of the Wonderbolts. He is a second-in-command commander to Spitfire, his wife. He is the wielder of the Crest of Loyalty.

Fanon (by Simon10)

He is Flash Sentry's childhood friend from flight camp. In My Little Pony: Night at the Haunted Museum, he is in love with Big Macintosh's younger sister Applejack, much to Rainbow Dash's dismay. In My Little Pony: The Book of Golden Oak - Castle of the Elite, he is one of the six main protagonists (along with Big McIntosh, Flash Sentry, Fancypants, Cheese Sandwich, and Shining Armor).

Fanon (By Dogkid)

Soarin' was dating Rainbow Dash around the time he first began being a Wonderbolt. Things weren't working out, however, so they eventually broke up. Soarin' ended up falling for his superior, Spitfire, and to his surprise, those feelings were returned. Spitfire and Soarin' later got married after dating for 3 years, having 2 children named Flyin' and Chill.

My Little Pony: The Stallions and the Turtles

Soarin' appears in Baxter Stockman's prologue and serves as a main narrator of events while spying on the treacherous African American mad scientist.


  • Oh, I get it. Good one, Flash. Good one.
  • (to Applejack) You see that, Applejack? You older brother thinks I'm funny.


  • Before Matthew Hill was cast, Jason Marsden, Gregory Cipes, and Carlos Alazraqui were considered to voiced Soarin.


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