Snake and Crocodile Logo

What Snake and Crocodile Logo might look like if it was real tv show

Snake and Crocodile 
is a old rumored American Tv show that is made by RandomName40209. It has been started off as an rumor when Ed, Edd N Eddy Big Picture show was aired, as Randomname40209 said that this tv show-and Universal Uniters-were one of danny antonucci's Two works, but... Universal Uniters rumor is false. But Snake and Crocodile was considered, but it is not confirmed yet.

Possible Plot

Randomname40209 said that it is about an talking nameless wild  audino snake, and a talking nameless wild albino crocodile  who are simply referred as "Snake and Crocodile" duo wants Humans as their friend, but this Results in adventuring, talk shows, Reviews, and... many more...


There was a pilot, though, but it was never released to the public. Rumours say it was about Snake and Crocodile in a zoo, entertaining the visitors. Not much is known about this, though.

The Crossover Episode

this Interesting  episode is about Snake and Crocodile & Sanjay and Craig, but it was only available to [Adult Swim] and Comedy Central because it has  extreme cusses, sexual content, and many other inappropriate content in it,

Sanjay &  Crocodile

  • [Adult Swim] Description: Snake and Crocodile Enters Viacom universe: Sanjay and Craig, but Sanjay is afraid of Crocodiles, how will Snake and Craig stop Sanjay and Crocodile from being afraid?
  • Comedy Central Description: Sanjay is Afraid of Crocodiles, He will have to attack Crocodile, how will Snake and Craig Stop the conflict Between Sanjay and Crocodile?

This Crossover's Trivia

This Crossover episode is RATED TV-MA (This makes the first snake and crocodile Episode to be rated TV-MA, This is only the First Sanjay and Craig Episode to be rated TV-MA)


  • All Snake and Crocodile Episodes are RATED Tv-14 and later, TV-MA after the crossover episode...
  • Originally, Snake and Crocodile was supposed to be named as: "Jermony" (Snake), and Randy (Crocodile) but the writers thought that they are too similar to other characters from other tv shows (Code lyoko (Jermony), and South Park (Randy) ), So, Snake and Crocodile stayed Nameless through.
  • The Crossover Episode was originally to be a Snake and Crocodile-MLP Crossover,  but it was too adult for little kids who were demographic of My Little Pony Friendship is magic, so they decided it was Snake and Crocodile-Sanjay and Craig crossover.

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