Shoutmon t

Shoutmon (digimon)

Shoutmon is a digimon who is Flashbolt's friend, also a partner of Mikey Kudo.

Shoutmon's Life

He first appeared in Flashbolt's adventures episode: "Shoutmon's Debut! Hear him sing!" where Shoutmon meets Flashbolt & his pokemon friends as part of The Digimon arc (No, this isn't Stickman wiki), Shoutmon & Flashbolt have agreement that he will join him in  the adventures. 

He also appeared in an pokemon movie called Pokemon & Digimon Crossover. also appeared in Pikachu short too. 

It is revealed that Shoutmon secretly working with  digimon board but yet no one at pokemon X board in gamefaqs notices. Shoutmon is known as Blackagumon5 in Gamefaqs.

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