Rexy The Axew


Flashbolt and his friends, Espurr (which much to his dismay because of creepy Characteristic), Meowstic, Missingno. (in some episodes)
Missingno. (mostly), Digimon, Des & Her friends (this is why he is Flashbolt's newest friends)
Unova (temporary), Kalos (his current home region)

Rexy is a newest friend of Flashbolt the Helioptile who likes to adventure around with them.

despite his frequent appearances, he doesn't always appear in flashbolt's adventures episodes. his role are like charlie the penguin but without clothes since he doesn't need any clothes to talk.

His Debut episode

His first appearance is in "in prepare for Trouble double!!! Rexy's Debut!" which flashbolt saved him from club penguin wiki & Pixie's Secret agency wiki, and he joins flashbolt's friends which angered club penguin wiki and pixie's secret agency wiki thus leading to the war between flashbolt and club penguin wiki and pixie's secret agency wiki until club penguin and pixie's secret agency wiki retreats to it's own universe: Club penguin.

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