"It needs to be about 20% cooler."
-Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash

18033 - absurd res rainbow dash vector

Mlp eqg rainbow dash by mewtwo ex-d6vjlal

Rainbow dash filly by dantondamnark-d4chck9

Crystal rainbow dash by pony vectors-d5pdri2

Rainbow power rainbow dash by whizzball2-d7hz5k5

Pegasus mare
Ponyville (formerly)
Kialon island
Ponyville Weather patrol, Wonderbolt member, EFF messenger and council member
Romance Interest

Rainbow Dash (voiced by Ashleigh Ball) is a Pegasus mare and a member of the EFF. She joined the agency in Messenger Problem when Spike needed new members to deliver messages. She is a member of the EFF council, and is often shown training trainees still learning how to fly. She represents the element of loyalty. She is partnered with Gogo Tomago (Jamie Chung). What lies in her soul is loyalty. In My Little Pony: Night at the Haunted Museum 2, she is in love with Braeburn (Michael Daingerfield), much to Scootaloo's dismay.

Fanfic (by Dogkid)

Rainbow Dash was dating Soarin' for some time before joining the EFF, but they eventually broke up because things weren't working out. Throughout the EFF series, it is heavily hinted that she may have feelings for Fluttershy, but it can often be overlooked as friendship banter. In EFF Agents the movie 2- Alternated universe, Rainbow Dash admits to have started dating Applejack.


Rainbow Dash is loyal. She could never abandon her friends for her own benefit and desires. She is also pretty competitive, having a passion for winning. She is very confident in her physical abilities and enjoys getting a lot of admiration and attention. She loves books after Twilight Sparkle showed her a bunch, and will often go to the library at the EFF HQ to relax.

My Little Pony: The King of the Southern Sea

Rainbow Dash appears in King Sandy's prologue and serves as the main narrator of events while spying on the treacherous king.


  • (to Flash Sentry while holding him by the throat) Where... the... hell... are... Angel Wings and Vapor Trail?
  • But I know some pony who has. (takes the necklace off Pinkie Pie, showing the light blue balloon-shaped gem Ms. Grunion gave her earlier; Pinkie Pie gasps)
  • (to the polices) You guys have been chasing the wrong female. (turns to the others) Where's Ms. Grunion?
  • Don't worry, Pinkie Pie. She won't get away with this!


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