Pokemon Rainbow Version is a Pokemon/MLP Crossover game That is Made BY Hozen, Inc Who had agreement from Hasbro, inc and Nintendo. It was Released on November 15, 2013.

Pokemon game with Rainbow dash
it is first pokemon game to be RATED T for Teen due to Some Blood and gore, Some  Realistic Violence, and Censored Swearing and many more! but it was not first pokemon game to be rated T for Teen, it was Gardevoir's Excellent Adventure (2011 Video Game)


  • There is an single unauthorized PC Game that was ported by Hozen, inc due to PC gaming has been Dead forever, but it was RATED M For Mature 17+ for Blood and gore, Strong Language, Use of Alcohol, Use of Drugs, Use of Tobacco, uncensored Sexual content (Due to Breeding), Simulated Gambling (mainly due to an Game corner). There are many mods but it's free and it adds some fun to it.

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