Flashbolt and his friends on club penguin island  was a movie that was Released on November 11, 2013.


* Flashbolt - a Everyday helioptile pokemon who  likes to help pokemon (or in his human form case, People).

* Kiry -  a kirlia pokemon who trusts Flashbolt in some days, he does apparently seem to fond of Club Penguin  (Therefore he is only Flashbolt's Adventures character to known about club penguin) (Friendly to Flashbolt)

  • Lily - a Chespin who is wife of Flashbolt. She doesn't approve of Kiry playing with club penguin friends (Neither Flashbolt either) (Friendly to Flashbolt)
  • Bruce - a Tyrunt who is a newest friend of Flashbolt, he hates club penguin. (Friendly to Flashbolt)
  • Ash Ketchum (Cameo only) - a trainer who makes his cameo appearance  in opening scene of him waking up from the bed and walk with his friends. (Friendly to Flashbolt and his Friends)
  •  Smugleaf - a snivy who is oldest flashbolt's friends. (Friendly to Flashbolt)
  • Majin - a green ghost that was hired by Club penguin wiki to lure Flashbolt and his friends into club penguin island along with his pokestar studios gang. (Hostile to Flashbolt and his Friends)
  •  Herbert P. Bear - A neutral Polar bear character to flashbolt and his friends but he doesn't like penguins (which much to Flashbolt and his friends (Except Kiry) agreed with him), upon his team up with flashbolt and his friends (Which leads to the war between Polar bears & Pokemon and Penguins). 
  • Mane Six - a pony group that seem to follow Flashbolt and his friends like team rocket does with Ash ketchum and his friends. (Neutral to Flashbolt and his Friends until later in the movie, Friendly to Flashbolt and his friends)
  •  Gary The Gadget Guy - a great-time inventor who invents machines but He is hostile to Flashbolt and his friends.
  •  Rookie - a Former half-brother, but his penguin friend of Flashbolt who is a EPF Agent that makes silly mistakes, but he's hostile to Flashbolt and his friends.
  •  Dot the Disguise Gal - a EPF Agent who is hostile to Flashbolt and his friends, but she's better disguise agent.
  •  Aunt Arctic/The Director of EPF - The Leader of Elite Penguin force that is hostile to Flashbolt and His Friends, She ordered the agents to attack Flashbolt & his friends along with Herbert P. Bear.


Coming Soon

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