Very Useful For
Calling your friends, Teleporting (only use when needed), Talk with your friends, Fixing some Objects that requires This phone.
Developed by
Trevion Company & Nintendo
Similar to?
Old Designed EPF PHONES (OF COURSE, it is based off of.)
YES (ONLY WHEN Flashbolt and his friends is calling), NO (Otherwise)

PokéPhone  is a Device that is Developed by Trevion Company in Kalos Because it has Nintendo logo in it: Many Pokemon uses it Because it has similar Function and Design to EPF Phones Except it is just a Regular Phone but only Teleports you when needed, if you Reuse it, then it will Shock you this is because Trevion Company Doesn't want People to abuse the Phones again and again, JUST USE FLY OR DIG OR TELEPORT FROM AN POKEMON. but The pokephone is Very useful for many pokemon to talk to their friends.

Flashbolt and His Friends Uses their PokePhones to Call Other Pokemon they never met Before.

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