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NICOLE is a fictional, sentient, portable computer from the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon series ("SatAM") and Sonic the Hedgehog comic books, owned by Princess Sally Acorn. Her voice is provided by Kath Soucie, the same voice actress who portrays Sally. NICOLE bears a resemblance to the tricorders seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation and serves a similar function, though she is more versatile. In the cartoon, Sally carries NICOLE attached to one of her boots, even after she gets her vest later on in the series. In the Archie comics, Sally has been shown carrying her via a retractable shoulder strap attached to NICOLE (à la the Star Trek: The Original Series' tricorders), though she was shown carrying her in a special pouch in a belt around her waist in issue #159 and on a clip attached to her boot in #225.

In both the cartoon and the comic, NICOLE's size occasionally varies dramatically from one appearance to the next, being the size of a book and then appearing to be the size of present-day cellular phones, though it appears to be an artistic goof, as none of the characters have ever commented about this or given a canonical explanation for it.

NICOLE has grown envious of Sally and her organic body over the years. On occasion, she has taken holographic form, becoming able to walk, touch, and interact in ways that she is unable to normally. Her appearance in this mode is a beautiful female lynx with brown fur, green eyes, black hair, and a purple toga. Fans question whether this animal form was a bit of a joke, since NICOLE is a handheld computer, and the Atari "Lynx" was a handheld game system. (Source:

She is seen to have a crush on Espio, and it is unknown if he returns her feelings.


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