Mr. Agumon (Agumon)

Mr Agumon

Flashbolt, Mawile, Kirlia, Smugleaf, Fang The Dracomon, Flashbolt's Pokemon friends
Club Penguin wiki , Missingno, Des, Marcus

Mr. Agumon is a Digimon whose unable to "Digivolve" because of the same virus who Infected Porygon and it's evolution. but however, He is one of flashbolt's Digimon friends when Flashbolt going Turbo on Digimon world.

Even through he doesn't quite fond of pokemon being on his world, Digimon. Who knows? First Pokemon Was Flashbolt who goes "Turbo" into Mr. Agumon's world, Digimon. second pokemon is either mawile or kirlia does follow Flashbolt.

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