Favorite food
tofu, sunflower seeds, beef jerky, watermelon, strawberry
keroro gunsou,and too many other things
not having access to the internet
kururu,keroro,tamama,giroro,dororo,dogkid1,everone in the eff, and everyone in clabs
Romance interest
derpy hooves
inventions made
100 as of dimensional fusion
kururu(long story there)

Lowcatzrock is the owner and creator of Low labs, the technical branch off of the eff.


early life

Lowcatzrock was always a gifted child and always aced everything. He at one point founded Low Labs, at the age of 5 low had created 5 hovercars that are still in use as vehicles in the Low labs testing facility. Lowcatzrock first met dogkid1 during an adventure in wich he found a conspiracy against club penguin. Dogkid1 and lowcatzrock single-handedly defeated herbert and never saw eachother again. He was part dragon, and due to the dragon law of age he ends up being the same age but not the same age as dogkid1. At the age of 12 he started developing a passion for keronians.

teenage life

Lowcatzrock met kururu during an incident in wich he figured out he was a keronian, and in an attempt to find the stone wich would help im turn into his keronian form he stumbled across kururu, later it is found out that kururu noticed family dna coming towards the area. Then came research of a legendary gem called the DIMENSIONAL FUSION GEM. The gem has the power to fuse dimensions, and is the source of the eaa's power to fuse this dimension with the Evaile dimension. During this time he adventures and creates about 50 more inventions, reaching a total of 90. 

During his adventures he stumbled across equestria and found derpy hooves, derpy hooves has since been his center of love, and showers her with muffins. derpy HAS asked him to go on a date. It is unknown if a wedding will take place.

present life

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