Lizardmon for Digimon
Level Rookie 
Type Reptile
Attribute Data, Virus
Family Nature Spirits
Virus Busters
Metal Empire
Prior forms BabyReptimon 
Next forms BigLizardmon 
DigiXros forms none 
Partners Danny Pincher

Lizardmon is a Reptile Digimon whose Name and Design are derived from Lizards. although they are worrying at some good news but otherwise they will start a fight with anyone that isn't in their way, [1] It was stated at one point, it was originally going to be designed with Floppy ears and different appearance like Helioptile but it was dropped due to Pokemon fans argued and complained that digimon (Series) was a rip off of pokemon [2]


Thunder Justice - Lizardmon uses their attacks on anyone that isn't in their way.

Thunder Kick - Lizardmon goes around and kick anyone's leg.


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  2. Digimon Redblaze and Sapphireblue beta

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