King Fiordland


King of the Ice Kingdom
Ice-Edged Dark Dragon

King Fiordland is the king of the Ice Kingdom. He lead the army of the Ice Kingdom during the Great Kingdom War, despite being a little reluctant. He is a bit shy & secluded for a king and doesn't like wars, despite taking part in one.

His parents left his egg in a cave for an unknown reason, and when he hatched, he was adopted by a fellow dark dragon. He named the newly hatched dragonet Fiordland, because he reminded him of the fiords. The dark dragon taught Fiordland how to fly, use his ice breath, and hunt. The dragon soon disappeared one day after a few years, and after looking for him, Fiordland could not seem to find his adoptive father.

Not knowing what to do, he became a lonely and awkward wanderer, just wandering the snowy regions of Condilion and never knowing the right words to say when he encountered a friendly face. His owner tried to teach him how to fight or talk to others, but he just couldn't find the right time. Not many people came up to him, though, as he looks very scary, ironically, since he's very secluded and not a big fighter. He fell in love with his now wife, Frostbite, after she met him on a walk on the Ice Kingdom outskirts.

After realizing living as a cowardly and shy king can be dangerous, he's tried to become more brave and make the Ice Kingdom look more good.


Despite being fierce and frightening in appearance, ironically Fiordland is shy and nervous. He never planned on being a king. He is good with telling his army what to do, but not with leading them out into the battlefield. Sometimes he can be smarter than others in some situations, but most of the time he'll keep quiet for a while.

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