Journeys of Rio (movie)

Mint, Kiwi, and Toothpaste

Release date(s)
June 23th, 2012 (NA)

July, 11st, 2012 (JP)

July 12th, 2012 (AUS)

July 13th, 2012 (EU)
101 minutes
Macaw films
Condilion Pictures

Journeys of Rio (movie) is a movie that started the tv series Journeys of Rio. Kiwi and Mint are the protagonists and Toothpaste is the deuteragonist. The sequel to this movie is Journeys of Rio movie 2. It takes place before the TV series.


The plot is that Kiwi, Mint's little sister, wants to teach her big brother all about what he might not know about protecting himself in the wild. Apparently, he doesn't know most things she shows him! Their parents had never taught them surviving skills, or at least the two macaws didn't remember anything their parents taught them or showed them. Kiwi was the only one taking private lessons with a white macaw named Pearl, a teacher, while Mint remained in the jungle, relying on others to get prey.

After some training with his sister, they head to the Samba club to try and meet new friends. They meet Jewel, Blu, Pedro, Nico, and a cyan macaw that Kiwi befriends, Toothpaste. At first Toothpaste doesn't accept Kiwi as a friend, since he's afraid he'll end up becoming her mate, leaving his lost girlfriend, Grace, abandoned and betrayed. But he realizes that she may never return, as she might just stay trapped forever. Besides, he came to the Samba club to try and cheer himself up!

Toothpaste agrees to show Kiwi and Mint around the club. They head to the jungle, to find out Mint's gone missing. They search everywhere, then end up getting their relationship bloomed into romance. They find Mint, under Nigel's talons. They defeat Nigel, to realize they were meant to be. Kiwi and Toothpaste become mates and have chicks together. Mint is happy for his sister. She has found the love of her life!




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