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The Company Logo (2014-Present)

Hozen, inc. is GlitchPokemon's Video Game Company that makes few games Exclusively for Nintendo  consoles until GlitchPokemon and his friends got contract ended, and Hozen, Inc. later made Most of games exclusively for Sony Computer Entertainment of america but when Nintendo-Sony deal partnership comes out, and it made Hozen, Inc more angry. and Hozen, Inc. has neutral relationship with Sega (they used to make some video games like back when Nintendo was at war with SEGA) or Naughty Dog (Who is maker of some video games), but once Hozen, Inc originally intended to Make an M-rated Pokemon video game Exclusively for PS4, but when nintendo came across Hozen, Inc and Sony Computer Entertainment's Partnership, Nintendo got angry at Hozen, Inc and Sony Computer Entertainment for making pokemon when it was intended to be PS4-Exclusive, so Hozen, Inc Changed it to More Original-er but awesome: Dino'mon.


  • It once made AO-rated Video Game Exclusively for PC only, it is that of Fennel (only when Flashbolt is in Human Form) and Flashbolt (Human Form), but Nintendo got mad at them. Nintendo sent out lawyer to sue Hozen, Inc. but Hozen, Inc Won the lawsuit, Nintendo Doesn't care, so they decided to Publish it under Name of Nintendon't (Nintendo's Original insult name by SEGA or Sony Or Microsoft) 
  • Play (Or Play Mobile™) Once sued Them for parodying Funstation™ (insult name Censored due to the policy), but sony lost the lawsuit by Hozen, inc saying that it was fair use.
  • Microsoft doesn't care when Hozen, inc is making Pc Gaming for PC.
  • It is Parody of both Rareware and Rockstar Games. 
  • It once meets TobiKomi as Mirror that of Nintendo and SEGA Rivalry in 1990s, Even Flashbolt Noticed it.

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