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"Everybody loves the me! I'm a terrific athlete!"

~ Homestar Runner

Homestar Runner is apparently a best friend of  Strong bad. His debut is in a book,  and his pokémon friend is Flashbolt (or otherwise known as The Dinosaur in Homestar runner world). His Girlfriend is Marizipan.


  • He might appear in EFF Agents.
  • He is Flashbolt's best friend.
  • Same with Flashbolt, His Arch-Enemy is Mucus/Marcus the Stickman
  • Flashbolt and His Pokemon friends met him and his homestar runner friends in an upcoming EFF Agents episode.
  • Homestar Runner will appear in Flashbolt's adventures as a trainer alongside Strong Bad (also a trainer but he is the owner of The Cheat (a homestar Runner Character) )
  • It is revealed that Homestar Runner Does have a digimon partner which named Drybonemon (whose later ran away from him, So now Drybonemon is a mysterious character Due to the fact that drybonemon may be not Main Protagonist or Antagonist)
  • He once claims to own Flashbolt's adventures dvd while he is a biggest fan of Flashbolt, This resulted in Dogkid1 and Other EFF Agents (Except flashbolt and his friends)'s facepalm reaction.


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