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Dogkid's wiki of Wonder is looking for some help! The wiki will be pleased to have some more active users.

Being an active member too boring for you? Well, maybe you'd be interested in becoming an admin or a chat mod. Like that idea? Please follow these instructions;

Becoming an admin

Becoming an admin can be hard. You'll need the following to be an admin.

  • 150 mainspace edits.
  • Your account must be at least a month old.
  • You must be active on the wiki and chat.
  • Not to be known for a sockpuppeter,hacker,etc.
  • You can't just show up out of the blue, I must know you at least a little
  • Not to have a history of being banned or blocked from this wiki.

Once you meet the requirements, talk to Dogkid1!

Becoming a chat modetor

Becoming a chat modetor can be easier then becoming an admin. Follow theses to be a chat modetor

  • At least have 10 mainspace edits and your account is 5 weeks old.
  • Be active on the chat, appearing at least 1 time a day (excluding door spamming) ((if you are busy that is understandable, in that case you do not need to appear everyday, you also won't get in trouble for not appearing))
  • Not have a history of being banned or blocked from this wiki.
  • Not to be known for a sockpuppeter,hacker,etc.

When you meet the requirements talk to Dogkid1!

Current Admins and Moderators

  • Dogkid1 ~ Founder
  • RangetsuRabbit ~ Main Admin
  • Techman129 ~ template adder and mainspace editor
  • GlitchPokemon ~ 2nd main admin
Sonic GCSE comic Sonic COVER by envy the hedgehog

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