Heart Hooves


Pegasus, Earth Pony (Originally)

Heart Hooves (or Red Hearthooves) is a citizen of Manehattan who lives with her family. She is not well-known out of Manehatten.


When MLP FiM got cancelled by the HUB in an alternate universe, the so-called anti-bronies have celebrated after the death of MLP FiM, the bronies being sad until they all become furious to all anti-bronies. Then World War III began. Scientists removed the ponies' braina from their own head and put human brains as a substitute, therefore the very first saptient pony is born. When the World War III was over, the last anti-brony went face to face with the last brony.

The last anti-brony is announced dead, the last brony suriviving as a pony in MLP FiM show shall be known as Big Mac.

Unfortunately for the boy (GlitchPokemon) who went to Lexington school for the deaf, the boy fell into a green water-like liquid after the world war III ended, and he soon mutated into a pony form which Princess Celestia called her Red Hearthooves. The boys (from South Park) got turned into the mane six, and so on. That's how Equestria was made.

Her Younger Self

She was a boy on Earth, until she became pegasus pony by Princess celestia.

Club Penguin Story

While not documented in this article, she was unexpectedly missing in Manehattan and kidnapped by the CP moderators (Billybob, Happy77, Rsnail, Spike Hike, and so on), so these penguins attempted to convert her into a penguin form until mane six shows up and rescue her despite she was ignored by many ponies in Equestria. So she went off into her own apartment, and managed to write this story.


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