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Gurē is a Dark kingdom guard and a member of Thorn's movement, but he was just in it to spy on them and help the heroes of Condilion.


Gurē was born into a family that hated him and pretty much everyone. He was often abused by his parents and older brother for his weakness. However, he was a decent flyer and was good a defending, but his family still thought he was weak.

When he turned four, his family didn't hesitate to quickly throw him out the door when a young dragon needed helpers for her traveling market. He worked as a merchant in the market for about two years before a criminal stole some items in his sight. He was kicked out of the market and wandered the Sojuno Desert for some time, soon flying away and finding Kialon island.

Gurē noticed the corruption of all the places he went on Condilion, and a year later, when the EFF was founded, he admired them for their bravery and efforts to keep Condilion peaceful and safe. He decided to destine himself to help them by joining Thorn's movement and spying on the trouble-making group.

He became a part of the Dark Kingdom, as a guard, telling Queen FateKiller all about his plan with joining the most feared dragon ever in existence. When his queen wanted to start a war to see who would own the treasure lost in the Dark and Fire war, Thorn revealed that he sent one of his movement members to curse the treasure before the war. Gurē rushed to tell the EFF, and soon the war was canceled. However, Thorn found out what Gurē had done, and sent out some of his friends to execute him. Gurē was badly injured, but the EFF helped him survive.


Strength: Capable of bringing down a group of knights.

Speed: Uncatchable!

Armor: Strong and razorsharp.


  • His name means "grey" in Japanese.

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