Grondice Redesign

Flashbolt (Formerly), Kiry (Former), Mawile (formerly), Lily (Formerly), Fang The Dracomon (Formerly), Smugleaf (Formerly), Marcus (His Best friend but Marcus was Deceased forever), Mikeymkwii, Pixie's Secret agency wiki members, Club Penguin Wiki (Currently)
Flashbolt and His Pokemon Friends and one Digimon Friend (Currently), Everyone Else!
Romance Interest
Des, few Female club penguin wiki members.
some Terrible Musics Such as Tik Tok. Fanboy and Chum Chum, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Club penguin, Johnny Test
TV SHOWS: The simpsons, My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic (He hates it through), Pokemon (his own home universe), Digimon (they think him is an main rival), Video games: Toontown online, super mario bros series, Sonic the hedgehog (ironically, he works with Dr. Eggman and Nack), MUSIC: ALL OF THEM Except Tik tok.

Grondice The Krookodile  is originally an main Protagonist to Flashbolt and his Friends, but He Betrayed Them and He's Started to work for Team Flare to make more money. but later he Declared Team Flare a "Boring Team", He's Started to make his own Teams that are villains only: Himself, Des, and Club Penguin Friends. So He's Started to ally with Club Penguin Wiki Friends and Des, Unless Both Des and Club Penguin wiki friends has been reformed for Real, Grondice will probably dislike Club Penguin Wiki Friends and Des, Thus Rendering Grondice working with Club Penguin Wiki and Des Useless, But Grondice will start working for Team Rocket.

He's Currently Main Antagonist of Flashbolt's Adventure.

In EFF Agents

He is shown to tame many wild dragons on Condilion and uses them for an unknown cause.


  • Although He Don't appear with his gun in his official artwork, He Has a Gun in his pocket, and He use it to terrorize Pokemon and Digimon. along with Des and Club Penguin Friends.
  • through he was once friendly character to Flashbolt and His Friends in his past, but He saw that Flashbolt Killed Grondice's Friend, Marcus. So He started to hate Flashbolt and his friends. and He have began to have revenge on Flashbolt and His Friends for killing his Friend Marcus.
  • He is a Parody of one of Anti-Brony who hates MLP and Pokemon and other good shows.
  • Grondice is Main Obstacles to Both Keroroian and Ponies because He Disliked all Good Shows Unless He Reformed to be Good Guy In Both EFF's Adventures and Flashbolt's Adventure.
  • Even Through He was a Parody of Vicyorus and Mikeymkwii, Ironically, Grondice Appeared Alongside Vicyorus and Mikeymkwii, (a Actual male Club Penguin Wiki Member because They Both  Hate MLP FIM and many good shows).
    • There are some similarities and personalities to Fang The Sniper/Nack The Weasel because Grondice Started out as a Friend to Flashbolt and his friends but he turned evil when Flashbolt killed Marcus, So, Grondice starts an Team for villains, but Fang wouldn't turn evil, but Fang Automanually to be Evil, and, Fang works for Dr. Eggman and other (but in Grondice's Case, Team Rocket).
    • He Rarely wears His Red "Sunglasses" as he is different from Ash's Krookodile.
  • Although he is from a Nintendo Franchise called pokemon, He appeared in  a made-up Funstation-exclusive game called Crash bandicoot and Play all-stars racing as guest character after nintendo-Play Partnership contract is restored.

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