Some attributes
First Appearance- Ginger colored body with white patches on her stomach, paws, ears, tail, and chest. She strongly resembles Thrasheart. Big amber eyes.
Second Clan- Riverclan
Third Position: Warrior
Other attributes
Fourth Skills: Defense, Hiding, Sneaking.
Fifth Romance Interest: Frecklepelt... slightly.
Sixth Age: 14 moons

About her

You might notice that Gingerstreak is sticking her tounge out. She's very humorous and sometimes hyperactive, she is very fun. Even though she and her sister Thrasheart are kin, they are much different. Gingerstreak is always happy, when sometimes Thrash is serious. Even their claws are different.... Thrash has unusually long claws with Ginger has unusually short(maybe even shorter than Applepaw's!). Even though this cat is usually goofy, she is VERY serious in battle. She's very loyal. She is also known for having an enormous, fluffy tail (much like a squirrel's). She uses it to hide well while in batttle and in hunting.


Gingerstreak is the daughter of Skyflower, born in the same litter as Thrasheart. Gingerstreak is most closest to her little sister, Applepaw, than anyone else. She has a small crush on Frecklepelt and always teases Thrasheart about Suntail. Her enemy is Bigpelt, a GIRL, I know, I can hardly believe it myself, cat who is very snobby and is very fluffy... but deffinetly not cute. Bigpelt is always trying to steal Frecklepelt.

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