Flashbolt Heroes or Flashbolt's First Playstation Adventure as it called in Europe or Japan to avoid confusion with Sonic Heroes is a PS4 exclusive crossover game which it takes place in an alternate timeline where Protobot never attack club penguin island but Dr. Eggman and his allies attacks Club Penguin Island, so EFF Agents grouped into a team: Team Flashbolt, Team Dogkid1, Team Sonic, Team Rose, Team Chaotix, Team Pokémon, Team Twilight to rebel against dr. eggman and his allies (possibly Herbert P. Bear, Bowser, Metal Sonic, and maybe Missingno. and the list goes on).


Note: This plot is not same as sonic heroes's Plot

  • Team Flashbolt's Story: When Flashbolt himself received an letter from Grondice The Krookodile telling how he kidnapped the EPF agents and penguins with help of Herbert P. Bear so this angered him to no exact, He had to call out Kiry and Mawile to help him on his adventures to stop Grondice from taking over club penguin island.

  • Team Dogkid's Story: Dogkid, Giroro, and Jewel were training some pokémon but unfortunately, this caught them attention: She and her friends got terrible news from Rini the Skitty, their Pokémon are currently missing, so they goes off to find their missing Pokémon.

  • Team Sonic, Team Rose, Team Chaotix's story: Same as the sonic heroes version except they are more involved in club penguin island.

  • Team Pokémon's Story: Des and her friends were having fun until... 1x1x1x1 kidnaps one of her friend, so it's up to Des and her friends to save the one of her friend.

  • Team Twilight's Story: one day, Princess Celestia wants Twilight Sparkle and her two friends: AppleJack and Rainbow Dash to get more involved in Club Penguin island even through they don't know what Club Penguin is,  but that's fine. Meanwhile, a villain who appeared to look like an dragon except he's different from someone described in an hypothetical Season 5 finale episode wants to attack Club penguin island.

They all must stop Dr. Eggman and his allies from taking over the future paradox version of Club Penguin Island that was first seen in future party 2014.

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