Flashbolt's Uncle
Romance interest

Flashbolt's Uncle is an Dead character who Striking similar to Flashbolt but with Scoorge mcduck-like Characteristic. He is only mentioned by Flashbolt when he was disguised as Marcus's Friends... when he was sad for his uncle's Death.

Most Known Information about Flashbolt's Uncle

  • This is first dead GOOD character in the EFF Series.
  • Despite His Death, He may come back and haunt Marcus Sometimes.
  • He is proudly Flashbolt's Uncle since he was working with Kirlia's Uncle and they are best friends.
  • he died in 2005 (Also Release date of club penguin) when Flashbolt was still Level 10 in Kalos. But in 2013, Flashbolt is Now Level 55 (Pokemon Counterpart to Real life's age: 15) 

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