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This video game is about Flashbolt's Scrapped

Gamecube game, Please See Flashbolt's Advance

Flashbolt's Gamecube Adventure is a cancelled video game that was thought to, if made, be as successful as Nintendo Gamecube's Gardevoir's Excellent Adventure. When it was Under Rare's control,  it was thought to include all generations up to VI.

Unlike Gardevoir's Excellent Adventure, it takes straight in 2001, and it's Successful is Moderate but also serve as a Sequel to Gardevoir's Excellent Adventure because Nintendo Gamecube is a Sequel to Nintendo 64. and,

it's Engine is same as the one used for Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex Except it takes place in Pokemon world...


  • This idea was turned into a Gameboy advance game, but rather than Remaking Plot, it's a Different plot: 

"After Marcus was Dead, Des Decided to antagonize Flashbolt By Swore an Revenge on Flashbolt, Flashbolt and his Pokemon Friends was unaware of what Des was doing, what will flashbolt do? Find out in This Adventure, i mean Advancing Adventures!"

Cancelled pokemon game

What it would look like if it was Not Cancelled.

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