This is not to be confused with Fang the Seviper (a Treasure Hunter)


Fang The Dracomon

Romance Interest
Pokemon Counterpart
any Dragon-Type Pokemon, but he was much weak to Fairy-Type Pokemon.
Type If He Was an Pokemon
Flashbolt and His Pokemon friends (Formerly)
Flashbolt and his pokemon friends (currently)
Dracofang (Pokemon)

Fang is The ACTUAL First Digimon Character NOT Missingno (or Just Glitchimon), He is a former Friend of Flashbolt and his pokemon friends. He once Shouted in Japanese version of Digimon Xros wars which much to Shoutmon's Surprised and other digimon's same reaction as Shoutmon. His Pokemon Counterpart is Any Dragon-Type Pokemon. 

Also, He was Ash's Father once but he starts an pokemon journey as a Pokemon trainer but later, He discovered digital world (From Digimon Universe) and He got turned into a Digimon known as Dracomon and he's angry at some point and then his memory of Him Being ash's Father has been erased and He was made an digimon forever unless he go to Pokemon universe.

The Dark side of Fang The Dracomon

it is revealed that he is a traitor who don't like flashbolt and his pokemon allies because He doesn't even help flashbolt and his allies.

so, he decided to join Grondice.


  • Originally, He was supposed to be Agumon but it was rejected because He was too much like Adventure's Agumon so He only mentioned Agumon as his friends.
  • Despite being a Digimon, He goes to Pokemon Universe by the name of Dracofang.

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