The Employee is picked by Dogkid1. The page is written by Rangetsu.

How We Choose

It takes scars, sweat, and perseverance to run a wiki. No one man or woman can run one alone. That's where admins and moderators come in. Together the pain is shared, and the wiki thrives. While everyone works hard, sometimes one shines above the rest, and this page serves to salute them.

This month's employee

Jimmy Walrus


Gender: Male

Job: Chat Bot

Working since: The very second this wiki was created he jumped on board.

Jimmy, by far, works the hardest of anybody on this wiki - even surpassing Dogkid's work ethic. He's in the chat almost every day, despite the cold, harsh conditions he faces everyday living in a bungalow located in "Antartica" (shown below)


He writes down every word and every emoticon used in the chat, never having made an error, which is very impressive considering he has no thumbs...or fingers, for that matter.

Past Employees of the Month

October 2013 - Jimmy Walrus

November 2013 - Jimmy Walrus

December 2013 - Jimmy Walrus

Janurary 2014 - Jimmy Walrus

Februrary 2014 - Jimmy Walrus

March 2014 - Jimmy Walrus

April 2014 - Jimmy Walrus


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