The Dragonets of Apathy is a group that consists of 6 dragons that have lack of interest in the war, and the solution to stopping it. The group contains neutral dragons.


The great war

The group came together when the great war started. They came together since they all agreed on one thing; the war was boring. So they decided to group up, and stop the solution to stop the war by going against the dragonets of destiny.


The dragonets have apathy for the war, of course. They want the war to stop; it seems useless to them, since the war started just because of Queen Oasis's death. They think her death is the Sandwings' problems, and that it shouldn't cause an outbreak.


Peru the Rainwing  (leader and stealth master)

Scorpion the sandwing  (the idea)

Bat the Nightwing  (the secret weapon)

Mouthwash the Seawing  (the brain)

Walrus the Mudwing  (The battle master)

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