Favorite food
Happiness, Candy, Sugar, Donuts
Anyone who acts mean or boring, sadness
Romantic interest

  Donutella comes from a planet where sugar is used for energy. While looking for a new fuel source, she landed on earth with her friends. They were amazed at all the sweet treats there, so they colonized there. However, most of her friends met other people and had their own lives. Only her best friend, Chocotella, is by her side now. One day while Chocotella and Donutella were taking a walk, we weent past a school. Chocotella tripped and fell into a portal in a statue portal, and Donutella went after her. They found themselfs in the Crystal castle. Luckily, no one was around, and they snuck out. It was only after that we realized we turned into ponies! They met the some ponies, and luckilly, they knew exactly about it. I had to stay there until they were able to get back. When they did, there was a magic glitch in it, and they ended up in Condilion in their normal forms and able to change forms. She is currently unsure weather or not she wants to stay or go.


She is very light hearted and always tends to see the bright side of things. She is almost never seen without a smile. She may seem like an airhead but she has an average amount of intelligence.

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