Chompymon is a Pink Dragon digimon whose name derived from Word "Chomp" and Design Derived from Heroin Hero dragon (aka the dragon who being chased by the player but you never Catch it), It is aware of somebody that chasing them but... it likes to laugh at you never catching it. it makes you sick and tired of them chasing. while they are friendly with Digimon, they will go Hostile Towards Pokemon Even through it is a vaccine digimon. 

Digimon Blazered and SapphireBlue

it first appeared in a Episode where Drybonemon and mary had to travel through a Barren zone filled with Glitchimons and Tamermon, Mary had to be careful until Chompymon shows up and push Mary and Drybonemon into  the battle with Glitchmons and Tamermon (It is based off of Trainer glitch found in Pokemon games).  It  laughed at Mary and Drybonemon as if it was part of its prank... however,it Results  in mary annoyed at Chompymon.

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