Meloetta is Both Pokemon trainer and Tamer

Flashbolt and his Friends, Red's Clefairy, Red's pikachu, Drybonemon.
Pixie Lil, Charlie the penguin, Helmetpig2013
Toontown Online/Toontown Rewritten, Digimon, Missingno, Red and His Pokemon, Dogkid1
Pokemon that are creepy with her including Grondice The Krookodile, Few PSA agents, Club Penguin.

Charity  is a Meloetta that lived in Unova and currently in Kalos. She was wearing Trainer's hat, and sunglasses, and a Fusion loader (a Digivice but however, it is implied that She is a big fan of both digimon and pokemon). 

She likes to do prank on any pokemon which angered many pokemon just like Drybonemon. unlike Drybonemon, She doesn't care much for comedy. 

She is often implied scared of Espurrs until they evolved into meowstics. She first appeared on a  Pokemon Funny Comedies episode where Red and his pokemon tried to catch her but instead, Red Caught a Beedrill... she would not appeared in Pokemon media again until when flashbolt met her (this is only time that Pokemon Funny Comedies and Flashbolt's adventures are in common with). 

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