"Ha. Condilion will be ours. Our home planet, Aligalikon, will be so proud of us!'

-Catkid2 to Dogkid1


Dogkid1 custom edited-1

Dogkid Cuddddstom Puffle

Dogkid jhjhhFOX

Dogk id as SONIC BUNNY




Director of the EAA (Evil alternate agency)
Romance interest
Morpher (originally fox)

Catkid2 is Dogkid's alternate self. She can morph just like Dogkid, but can only morph into certain things. She first appears in EFF Agents the movie 2- Alternated universe. She returns in EFF Agents the movie 3- 25 years later. She was born on Moebius, as a fox. Her birth name was Holly. Her parents were wealthy, until they went bankrupt. When Catkid was 13, she ran away from home and found herself at Aligalikon after using a warp ring to escape from a gang. After finding her place in Aligalikon, she met a few others. They talked weird, in g-major. Soon, after a few years, Cat found herself talking in g-major and her color starting to go negative.

Miles, her acquaintance back at Moebius, found his way to Aligalikon, and made an invention to try and fix Holly. But, it failed, and she found herself able to shapeshift. But what she didn't know was that she was an evil alternate of Dogkid1. After researching Condilion, she grew jealous of her alternate self. She started to call herself Catkid2 and be a penguin more than any of her other forms.

After becoming 16, the EAA was offical, and prepared to defeat the EFF.


Catkid2 is a braggart, and a diva-like penguin. She can be careless in battle, and can also be annoying. Unlike Dogkid, she hates others, even her agents in the EAA.

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