"I can't fly!"


Blu baby

Spix's Macaw
Guard for the EFF(orginally), Messenger for the EFF
Jewel(Spouse), Achez(Son), Tiago(Son), Roma(Son), Grecia(Daughter), Carla(Daughter), Bia(Daughter)

Tyler "Blu" Gunderson is the main protagonist of Rio, Rio 2, and other books of the franchise. He is also a main character of EFF Agents, being an assistant director, the other being Spyro.

In the first film, Tulio speculated that Blu was the last male of his kind. He is shy and socially awkward. While he could log on to a computer, open bird cages and use a skateboard, he had one minor set-back: he could not fly. When he found the girl of his dreams, he was forced to put his fears aside and find out if he really had what it took to soar. He got married to Jewel in Blue macaw's love part 1 and part 2, having three hatchlings soon after.


Blu and Jewel were introduced to the EFF when Tails came across the couple's nest in Rio. The couple declined the offer to join the EFF, as they wanted to stay in Rio and hang out with their friends. Tails gave them a paper pointing to where they could go to contact the EFF again if they ever changed their minds. After a few weeks, they decided to go to the location and found a portal. On the other side, Tails was waiting which made Blu jump. After a more in-depth explanation on what was expected in the EFF, Jewel instantly agreed to join, while Blu reluctantly; he was afraid of the scary things he'd face. Both Blu and Jewel are considered main characters, but Blu appears slightly more often than his mate.


Blu is socially awkward and shy. He's the opposite of his mate, Jewel, and pretty much the entire Spix's Macaw tribe. However, he's smart and knows a lot about humans, as he lived with one for most of his life. Despite being awkward, unable to express himself and even a bit clumsy with words, he is very soft-hearted, sweet, handsomely cute, and because of his colourful courage and bravery, Blu will never give up on anything. Whenever Jewel's in trouble, he'll spring into action and risk it all to save her.



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