Some attributes
First Appearance- Usually blushing, with light brown fur, dark red ears and chest/belly patch. She has bright amber eyes.
Second Clan: Riverclan
Third Position- Apprentice
Other attributes
Fourth Skill(s)- not yet discovered
Fifth Romance interest- None...yet.
Sixth Age: Six and a half moons

About Her

Applepaw is a young cat, only six and a half moons old, recently apprenticed. Her mentor was her very own sister, Thrasheart. She is decribed by many cats of the clan as adorable, and resembles and apple, because of her reddish pelt. Even though she is an apprentice now, she has the face of a young kit, and is able to fight off enemys easier that way. Sometimes she is very mischevious, and gets into a lot of trouble. She is actually is very skilled apprentice, despite her looks. Thrasheart is very proud, yet Applepaw usually gets on her nerves.


Applepaw is best friends with Snowpaw. She is usually playing with her when Applepaw's sisters are not around to keep her company. Applepaw has two sisters, Thrasheart and Gingerstreak, and she tends to spend more time with them, because they love her and would do anything to protect her. Applepaw is born an only kit in a different litter than her sisters. Applepaw's mother is Skyflower, a pretty Riverclan queen. She is enemies with Lilypaw, a diva cat that thinks she's better and more beautiful than anyone.

(She belongs to Medelina)

(Credit to runtyiscute1999 on DeviantART for drawing the cat)

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