Apple Bloom

Applebloom with her cutie mark vector by topaz7373-d9clwxo

Apple Bloom infant ID S2E23


Earth pony
Romance interest
Student; Cutie Mark Crusader

Apple Bloom is a school-age Earth pony. A member of the Apple family, she is the younger sister of Applejack and Big McIntosh and the youngest granddaughter of Granny Smith.

She makes her debut in the EFF Agents series in Apple Family visit, during which she is seen following the other members of the Apple family. She makes a speaking appearance, her only line being, "Thanks for having us over! We'll be sure to be visiting some other times!", in which she is saying this to Dogkid.

My Little Pony: One Day at Our Town

Apple Bloom appears in Starlight Glimmer's prologue and serves as the main narrator of events while spying on the former dictator.


  • Big Mac, they're working for Starlight Glimmer. (spoken to Big Macintosh about Sugar Belle, Night Glider, Party Favor, and Double Diamond in My Little Pony: Friendship is Witchcraft)
  • But I know some pony who has. (takes the necklace off Sweetie Belle, showing the purple diamond-shaped gem Starlight Glimmer gave her earlier; Sweetie Belle gasps)
  • (to the polices) You guys have been chasing the wrong unicorn. (turns to the others) Where's Starlight Glimmer?
  • Don't worry, Sweetie Belle. She won't get away with this!


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