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"Zut alors!"


Antoine D'Coolette


Antoine Yardley

Antoine 1

Armand D'Coolette (father) (deceased)

Bunnie Rabbot (wife)

Jacques D'Coolette and Belle D'Coolette (future children)

Antoine D'Coolette, also known as Ant or Twan by Sonic, is a fictional character appearing in both the Sonic the Hedgehog TV series and comic series. He is a brown, male, Mobian coyote with blue eyes, a peach-colored muzzle and bright blond hair. He has occasionally been depicted with a small mustache, although he has not been seen with one for some time. While it was suggested that Antoine wore a hairpiece in the early issues of the comic, modern continuity has established it as his natural hair. He wears his Acorn Kingdom Army uniform; brown boots, blue jacket with a red belt tied around it a few inches from the bottom of the coat, gold pipes on the shoulder, golden cuffs on the end of each sleeve, a gold-colored lacy ascot and a G.U.N. badge on the right lapel of his coat. He is usually depicted as slightly older than the rest of the main characters; his age is around 20, whereas the other characters are around 17. He has a thick French accent that is expressed prominently in the text of the comic. He debuted in issue #0 of the comic's introductory series, and in episode 1 of the cartoon. In both media he is commonly called Ant; though originally intended as an insult it has become a friendly nickname. (Source:'Coolette)


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