Agent Puffles

Agent Puffles, otherwise known as Agent 206, is the younger brother of Jet Pack Guy. He has become close friends with his sister-in-law, Dogkid1.


  • Capable of controlling the 3 Card Jitsu elements.
  • Developed a new element called Plasma, but isn't fully capable of controlling it.
  • He has become an agile flier.


  • He is afraid of running out of fuel in midair.
  • He has a scar near his stomach which is sensitive to attacks.
  • Puffles is scared of his wife getting hurt.
  • Aiming for his jet pack is a really good way of defeating him in battle.


  • He was married before Jet Pack Guy.
  • He hates it when he's grounded. (His parents take away his jet pack then.)
  • Puffles really enjoys flying on his jet pack.
  • He had a fear of heights but over came it.

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