An untitled Pokemon-MLP Crossover episode  is a MLP/Pokemon Crossover Episode that was aired in Fall 2013 the day after Pokemon X & Y Released in October 12, 2013. it is about Flashbolt Losing his friends as they enter MLP FIM Universe. 
Possible Pokemon-MLP Crossover Screenshot

this is possible My Little Pony-Pokemon Crossover Screenshot


Narrator explained to The viewers that Ash ketchum woke up in kanto and continues his Journey, So He said good-bye to His mom, and his Professor, Oak. Ash ketchum and his pikachu Visits Kalos region on his journey, Flashbolt The Talking wild pokemon who appears as a In-Joke universe character Blocks on his Way, Flashbolt said to ash Ketchum "you're not going anywhere, Do you need your friends?", Ash ketchum  Answered Flashbolt's Question as yes, Then Flashbolt Explained to Ash Ketchum that Flashbolt lost his friends due to Flashbolt's Sarcasm and They began to hate him.  Ash Ketchum said "that's depressing" to Flashbolt and Tells Flashbolt why. Flashbolt Answered "That's Because My Pokemon Friends have began to hate Flashbolt and this resulted in Me being in Depression", Flashbolt also Explained to Ash Ketchum that his Pokemon Friends have replaced Him with Ponies.

Pikachu said to Flashbolt that "Don't worry about that, you still have to find way to get your friends back".

Flashbolt pulls out the Portal Machine thing and  uses it, But the portal sucked Pokemon and Trainers. Therefore an MLP FIM AND Pokemon Have  crossed over!

will Flashbolt Get his Pokemon friends back? Find out in Fall 2013!

(Yes, it is fake)


It first aired in Japan as 家に帰る、あなたは酔っフラッシュボルトだ! (Go home, You're Drunk Flashbolt!) despite it's Untitled american dub of Pokemon and MLP Crossover name. It is Referred as Pokemon: Friendship is magic by Pokemon Fans or Bronies. Japanese version aired in Tv Toyko. but 2 American Networks Aired This episode: 

Hub Network and Cartoon Network. 

TV Rating

It is Rated TV-PG in First airing in American Dub, but now it's Rated TV-Y7 after the First airing.


Controversial screenshot

This scene was edited out in American Dub Version where Gardevoir Was going to kill Flashbolt with Flashbolt's Revolver, but Flashbolt does an Round kick at Gardevoir, and Flashbolt Takes his revolver from gardevoir, and Flashbolt point at Gardevoir and Kirlia in attempt to convince them to like flashbolt again.

There was an Scene --->

This episode's plot was similar to Shrek forever after which cames out first. it involves not only Pokemon but Shrek's friends Hated Shrek (in Flashbolt's Case,  His Pokemon Friends), Therefore an Criticism from Pokemon Fans and Bronies and Pegasisters.

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